Tuesday, October 8, 2013

 Before your allowed to download the full album you will be required to complete a short survey. This is to make sure you are a true fan of One Direction. We don't want just anyone to download the album this early for free. ONLY REAL FANS PLEASE! If Midnight Memories isn't worth a short survey to you, you're not a fan. The full album will start downloading after you finish. ENJOY!

Artist: One Direction

Album: Midnight Memories
Genre: Pop, Rock, Dance

Original Release Date: Nov - 2013

Quality: 320 kbps

1."Best Song Ever"
2. "Story of My Life"
3. "Diana"
4. "Midnight Memories"
5. "You & I"
6. "Don't Forget Where You Belong"
7. "Strong"
8. "Happily"
9. "Right Now"
10. "Little Black Dress"
11. "Through the Dark"
12. "Something Great"
13. "Little White Lies"
14. "Better Than Words